curiosity-driven education

Fractal-Ed was formed out of the belief that each learner has different interests, and given a choice, each learner will follow different learning paths. Fractal-Ed is about flexible, fun learning. 

It's Not Currently Available!!!  

Fractal-Ed's first product was art/y/fact.Xn. It is pronounced "Artifact Christian".

art/y/fact.Xn is a tool for people trying to make sense of the Christian art they find in museums or churches (or in a book, or on the web, for that matter).  It allows them to go deeper into the aesthetic experience using audio guided meditations, or explore the meaning of the content depicted using questions, lists, and basic information about the Christian stories, history, art, or theology. 

Christian religious educators who are interested in using the app content with groups, I am exploring the idea of a web-based app for this context. 

Late 2020 Update: Again aiming toward development of a web-based version of the app. Pray for me!