curiosity-driven education

The name "Fractal-Ed" draws on the founder's belief that the most effective education is self-directed, based on curiosity and interest.  Each learner is going to walk a different path, if given the freedom to do so.

Structures in nature like trees, circulatory systems, and neural networks are organized as branching systems. When education is organized as a branching system, the learner has options. One learner is going to be interested in path A, another in path B, etc. "Fractal" is the name given to the form of geometry that most closely resembles naturally-occurring braching systems.

Fractal-Ed, LLC was formed in 2011 as a way to launch a particular educational app (art/y/fact.Xn) and is committed to creating educational technology for informal, recreational, user-directed, learning. Several projects are in development.